Logic Games for Kids

Logic Games for Kids 5.1

LOGIC GAMES provides fifteen programs that challenge a child's thinking skills (See all)

LOGIC GAMES provides fifteen programs that challenge a child's thinking skills. The programs are aimed at Grades K through 8, but can be enjoyed by all. Each program in LOGIC GAMES has a number of playing options to provide a large variety of game situations.

The programs are:
- CONCENTRATION is the classic card game where you search for matching pairs of cards.
- SIMON SAYS is an echo game that challenges memory skills-- repeat patterns of colors, shapes, or pictures.
- CODEBREAKER asks you to decipher a multi-color code using clues from the computer.
- BUILD A WALL asks you (and another player or the computer) to take turns adding blocks to a wall trying to complete it.
- JELLY BEANS lets you (and a friend or the computer) take turns removing beans from a jar and the one who takes the last bean loses!
- AWARI is an ancient African pebbles-in-pits game. Logical planning skills are needed to collect pebbles from the pits.
- DROP FOUR requires that you try to line up four basketballs or soccer balls by dropping them down a vertical playing grid.
- ROW OF FIVE asks you to line up five markers in a row on a checker board.
- REVERSE is a classic. By trapping your opponent's playing pieces, they reverse color and become your pieces.
- CHECKERS is the all-time favorite against a computer opponent.
- SLIDER PUZZLE is the classic puzzle where you arrange sliding tiles in order on a playing board.
- TWISTER PUZZLE is a two-dimensional version of Rubik's cube.
- STAR PUZZLE asks you to jump pieces on a star board to end up with certain results.
- PEG PUZZLE is a diner favorite. Jump pegs on a cross-shaped board removing each jumped peg.
- ACEY DEUCEY is a classic computer card game - make bets on whether a card is between two displayed cards.

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